Savage Fallout Chicago

Let's meet some Raiders

Traveling with Jackson, the foursome proceeded onwords towards thousand. On the second day, they encountered some raiders that Jackson identified as the ‘Laughing Men’ probably because they had a tendency to laugh and tell terrible jokes in battle. Our heroes emerged victorious and continued on.

On the third day they were supposed to enter an underground causway called the pedway guarded by some men. However, all the men were dead when they got there. Leaving Jackson and his pack Brahmin at the entrance, they explored the area. They discovered that one of the pedway guards went crazy and killed the others, and a group of raiders named the ‘Aristocracy’ had moved in during their absence.

The raider group known as the Aristocracy act like royalty, and demanded the PCs surrender half their loot, and when they refused, a fight broke out. The raider leader, Viscount Lucious almost killed Charles ‘Chunk’ Rutherford III but his friends dragged him to safety and Glenn Rockville managed to stabilize him. Managed to take down the delusional raider, making off with a decent haul in the process.

The players finally arived at the massive settlement of thousand, where they will begin looking for clues as soon as they finish selling their loot. . .

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Prolog-Let's kick-start this plot

The PCs are from a small settlement (approx 20 people) in Poluaski Park. The village elder asked them to travel to the nearby Super-Duper mart, where she had heard that there was a radroach nest. Glenn (the party healer/chem dealer) is deathly afraid of radroaches, but reluctantly agreed, because the village needed the meat.

After an uneventful trip to the Super Duper mart, the PCs found and dispatched nine radroaches, giving them enough meat to sustain the village for a little while. They also took out some feral ghouls and managed to scavenge some supplies from the place. However, upon returning to their home, they found it ransacked and completely devoid of people (or bodies)

At a loss for what ha happened or what to do, a Trader came to the village, unaware of what had happened. This trader (Jackson) was also at a loss for what might cause this, but suggested the PCs visit one of the largest settlements in Chicago; Thousand. Thousand, he explained, is a massive trade hub, and there might be information there. He agreed to hire on the PCs as guards for his caravan, and the PCs, with no other options, accepted.


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